Introduction to Branding

More than a logo…

Although a logo design may be the first thing that springs to mind when branding is mentioned, branding has become much more. Of course, it all starts with a logo. In fact, if you came to us with your business without a logo, we would advise that this should be the first design that we should work on together. From this we can create a visual brand identity using colour, shape, typography, photography and so on… this can then lead to how your business is presented editorially, on your website, social media, in advertising (perhaps using a recognisable slogan?) until it’s almost a living, breathing entity.

For example, think of Rather Fine Design as Simon Cowell (although much better looking and without the lack of fashion sense!) and your business as the X-Factor contestant with great potential. I’ll sign you to my record company, give you a makeover and shout your name from the rooftops until you’re recognised on every street. Your record will be played on all the right radio stations until people wake up with your song in their head and your face in their mind…

…ok, enough of that. You get the picture.


Logo Design

Before we get to work on a logo design, brand design or redesign, we like to really get to know your business. This gives us an idea of your company ‘personality’ and enables us to create your company’s ‘face’ and eventually contribute towards its ‘voice’.

A mistake that many people make when visualising how their logo will look is overcomplicating the design. The simpler the design, the more effective it will be in the long run. Your audience needs to recognise your business in an instant, whether displayed on a billboard,  zooming past on vehicle livery, or displayed as a small logo on an ad supporting a local charity. In other words – it needs to work in all sizes and situations.

Printed Media

An important part of a graphic designer’s training should involve experience in printed media. Luckily for you, we are extremely experienced in this field and have a great deal of knowledge of print processes and production. Due to this and our many years of experience in magazine design, you can count on Rather Fine Design to produce great looking printed marketing material, stationery, whole magazines and more.

Digital Media

If you own a business, can you really afford to ignore the impact digital media can have on your target audience? Your brand needs to be visible on your website, through social media, marketing emails, YouTube videos, blogs and so on. Let Rather Fine Design be your one-stop shop for a strong digital presence. See our WEBSITE DESIGN page for more details.

Marketing Material

By working with your marketing ideas and offering creative advice when needed, Rather Fine Design could be the key to your businesses success. Embrace all of the above and see what can be achieved!


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