Commercial Photography

Rather Fine Design have the skills and a range of professional photography equipment to get the results your business needs.

Photography has become much more accessible over the years as it’s developed from film to digital, and cameras are now part of every smartphone and many other portable devices. However, although there are ways for the untrained photographer to add effects to these images, the skills to produce high-quality photos using the right camera settings, lighting, digital processing and retouching are essential for producing the desired results every time!

Portraits & Retouching

In our experience, we’ve discovered that despite the countless ‘selfies‘ that people take these days, most become uncomfortable when they have a lens pointed at them. Rather Fine endeavour to make your portrait experience as relaxed as possible in a setting of your choice. Through use of lighting and camera angle we’ll make your worst side your best side!

During post-processing we add a certain amount of retouching to every photo. If your photos require further enhancement (without the use of surgery!) we can achieve magazine quality portraits to hide many ‘imperfections’.

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