Mansoor Foroughi specialises in minimally invasive surgery for brain tumours, Neuro-endoscopy and microsurgery of the brain and spine.

Rather Fine Work:

Mansoor approached Rather Fine Design to initially update his logo design and then redesign and rebrand his WordPress website to enable him to make occasional edits himself.

First logo designs were based around the brain and spine (as per the clients brief) and were deliberately made obvious enough for anyone to know what they were. After the initial proofs were submitted we decided that this literal approach to the design didn’t work and to take a more abstract approach instead. The idea of using a tree and roots came from the connection between the brain, spine and complex connections within the brain. The tree in full bloom represents a healthy brain and the roots below connect the tree to the earth just as the spine is connected to the brain.

Mansoor is highly knowledgable and passionate about his work and his website needed to reflect this. Video backgrounds have been implemented to add a dynamic element and represent the ever active brain. Users can discover information about different brain and spine conditions and recommended treatments / surgeries. A website is a great place to develop a new brand due to its many pages and we will continue to work on this development with Mansoor in the future.

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