Good Bits manufacture bespoke motorbike parts and specialise in renovating vintage models.

Rather Fine Work:

Andy, an engineer, had been racing and renovating motorbikes for most of his life. After recently winning many races with his vintage Honda, many of his competitors who rode newer (and supposedly faster) models asked what his secret was – many of the bikes parts he manufactured and redesigned himself! So, seeing a business opportunity he approached Rather Fine Design to create a brand and a website where parts can be ordered.

The brand needed to be exciting and reflect Andy’s interest in ‘Café Racer’ style paraphernalia. Initially he wanted to use initials from another company based in Austria so he could be their UK contact. But, I advised that it needed to be something more memorable and suggested ‘Good Bits’ – straight to the point, it says what it is on the tin + in my mind I hear the phrase “get to the good bits” (hopefully of a café racer 1970’s style movie).