Wakehursts’ beautiful botanic gardens are located in West Sussex and managed by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Set in 465 acres of country estate, Wakehurst boasts ornamental gardens, temperate woodlands, a nature reserve, and an Elizabethan mansion.

Rather Fine Work:

Kew Gardens have their own busy London based design company to produce much of the Wakehurst marketing and promotional material. However, they occasionally need a little help from a local design company such as Rather Fine Design to fore fill their requirements. Since late 2014 we have been happy to design posters, leaflets, newsletters, logos and signage around the Kew brand set by head office. Perks include the occasional visit to their beautiful botanic gardens in Ardingly, West Sussex – highly recommended all year round!

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Corinna May
Wakehurst, Ardingly - Kew Gardens

We’ve been working with Rather Fine Design at Wakehurst since September 2014 and have been extremely happy with the level of creative output and customer service that they have provided. Lee has been amazingly flexible and become our local hands-on expert in terms of getting to grips with our brand and the assets we’ve needed…