Help your business develop with a WordPress website

As professional WordPress website designers we help create stunning websites for your business that stand the test of time.

So you specialise in WordPress?

We love designing websites with WordPress and offer a range of options to get your business on the web. Maybe you need a new website, a website refresh, a WordPress blog, online shop or even have a site that you like but need to manage yourself? A WordPress website is the solution!

Why WordPress?

39.5% of all websites are currently WordPress websites (in 2021). That’s over 75,000,000 websites to date to save you heading to Google! Since it’s launch in 2001 it has become the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world due to it’s ease of use and huge community of designers and developers. It’s established, stable and regular updates make it secure and future proof!

Wordpress website design and development

But I want a website!?

WordPress started out as a free blogging platform but has become so much more. WordPress powers your website and enables you to easily build on the content as your business grows. What your potential customers see on their screens is only limited by you or your designers skill and imagination.

WordPress is free, why do I need you?

Sure, a free WordPress website will get you so far but a professional WordPress designer and developer will create a self hosted website using all of the experience, talent and general know how to boost your online presence into orbit! Put it this way – we’re not bad at DIY but wouldn’t attempt to build a house!

WordPress Themes

There’s minefield of WordPress themes to choose from out there, free and paid for, but if you’re going to create a WordPress site yourself there really is a knack to choosing one that works well. We take the stress out of WordPress design and create a look that suits you and your business without having to settle for an off the peg solution.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins add functionality to your site for just about anything you can think of. It’s fantastic that WordPress has such a large number of developers dedicated to providing users with WordPress Plugins, but again it really is a minefield! As experienced WordPress designers we can add tried and tested plugins to your site for the ultimate user experience.

WordPress Updates 

WordPress and WordPress plugins are regularly updated to work efficiently with modern web browsers and keep your site as secure as possible. The WordPress admin page lets you choose when to make these updates. Occasionally updates don’t synchronise well with each other and can break your site! Don’t panic! We can do this for you with our monthly WordPress maintenance check.

WordPress Support

Once your WordPress website is available to the public you’ll want to dive in and see what you can do. There’s some great YouTube tutorial videos online but we’re always available to take calls and emails if you need pointing in the right direction. To narrow down the huge range of information we’re going to be adding WordPress advice and tips to a new blog – watch this space!

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